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Ive been dying for a shell cordovan strap for a while something about having horse-butt leather on a strap is appealing to me. Maybe its because Shell Cordovan has a unique look and sheen to it that leather does not.. or maybe its that it bends without ever Replica Omega 4575.75 De Ville Prestige Watch those micro-folds that leather always develops, or maybes its that it is more water-resistant than normal leather.

At any rate, Shell Cordovan just has that mysterious coolness to it for me.There arent too many companies that use shell cordovan to make watch straps and they always cost more Nomos uses it for their watch straps, and there are a few other European Replica Omega 1841.55.11 Constellation Quadra Watch companies that do as well. There is only one factory in the US that processes Shell Cordovan, and thats Horween. Note: The material really does come from the butt-cheeks of a horse.I ended up purchasing my shell cordovan strap from Europelli.

Nomore throwing away the Curel at the security gate. The Smart Travel, the next largest kit, has basically thesame supplies as its bigger brother, but it is made for one or two people (notthree or four) travelling the globe. It costs $40. For those looking to pack light, the $10 Travel Medic isa kit in a small case with meds and wound care items for one person on along weekend or more in Mexico, the Caribbean or Europe.Finally, an Replica Omega 2812.50.37 Aqua Terra Chronograph Watch ancillary kit, the Suture Syringe Medic, is a$22 package with rubber gloves, a sterile syringe, disposable needles, andantiseptic wipes. Adventure Medical Kits markets the Suture Syringe --

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The leaders of the pack still remain the same with Rolex, Omega followed by Breitling. Here is a complete list of all the companies with more than 1000:Rolex Eterna (1,706)Enicar (1,672)Paul Picot (1,638)Sinn (1,596)Christian Dior (1,100)All others had less than 1000.Increase of 10.7% overall which is fantastic. Breitling in particular issues by far more Quartz Chronometers than anyone else. Of 56,225 quartz certificates, 54,744 of them Replica Omega 2813.30.81 Seamaster NZL-32 Watch were for Breitling. That represents over 97% of total Quartz Chronometre output! Congrats to Breitling!Another figure you can get out of these stats for Breitling is that just a hair over 30% of all Breitlings sent in for COSC certification were Quartz! Thats a very large percentage!

Unlike first-aid kits developed for hikers and campers,the Travel Series banks on stomach medications, diarrhea meds, rehydrationsolutions, and extras like sterile needles to hand off to a doctoradministering a shot in an iffy locale. You wont find endless butterflybandages in these kits, though blister supplies are included. The World Travel, the Replica Omega 1190.70 Double Eagle Chronometer Watch flagship kit in the series, wasmade for up to four people traveling together for multiple days. Trekking inNepal or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are trips the company offers.

In additionto medications to treat diarrhea, dehydration, and allergic reactions, thereare unique items like a visual communication card that has illustrations to lettravelers point to pictures to indicate illness or injury when a languagebarrier is Replica Omega 951160.79 Constellation Iris Watch present. A small book, A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness Travel Medicine, is included in the kit, which comes in a nyloncase and weighs 1 pound 12 ounces. Another nice addition: The company includesa TSA-approved plastic bag with vials for your shampoos, lotions and gels.

Kits has released a Replica Omega 1514.51 Double Eagle Automatic Watch new lineof products for international travelers

Made by Adventure Medical Kits, the Marine 3000 is a 15-pound briefcase ofemergency medical supplies that costs $795. It is stocked with dozens ofcomponents to treat maladies that may require a scalpel, suture, syringe,forceps -- even a urinary catheter is included.Thats some serious first aid. This year, Adventure Medical Kits has released a Replica Omega 1514.51 Double Eagle Automatic Watch new lineof products for international travelers. The companys Travel Series(travel) is significantly pared-down from the caseMapes takes out to sea. But the four kits -- including the $10 Travel Medic onup to the $70 World Travel package -- include most of the necessities theaverage Lonely-Planet-toting traveler will need.

Redefining longevity in the watch industry The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal? Limited Edition, which has a stainless steel case and bracelet, is driven by OMEGA’s revolutionary Co-Axial calibre 2500. These movements, which have been heralded for their long-term chronometric performance, are perfectly Replica Omega 4678.31.02 De Ville Prestige Watch complemented by the ceramic and Liquidmetal? alloy components which are incredibly resistant to corrosion and scratching. The result is pure OMEGA: a design premiere which will retain its appearance indefinitely, blended with innovative Co-Axial technology.

The COSC released their stats for 2008, and again it is a record year with an increase of 8.6% attestations from 2007 with a total of 1,599,588. While the increase in timepieces submitted was actually increased by 10.6%, this means that many more timepieces must have been denied attestation. The actual number of timepieces submitted was 1,676,515. Compare with COSC figures from 2006 and 2007.Total mechanical Replica Omega 2208.50 Planet Ocean Watch attestations: 1,536,950Total Quartz attestations: 62,638 (56,224 of which were Breitling!)List of manufacturers in order of most COSC certificates How many Chronometers were certified in 2006? According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the COSC certifications added up to 1,300,140 Chronometers.

the Replica Omega 1591.71 Constellation Watch ceramic is a harder material than the alloy

Zirconium is an important constituent part both of the Liquidmetal? alloy and of the ceramic material which is made of zirconium dioxide (Zr02). The final, perfectly smooth bezel is particularly resistant to scratching and corrosion because of the hardness of the two components. The union of ceramics and Liquidmetal? at Replica Omega 4613.80.02 Co-Axial Watch First, ceramic rings are formed. The numbers and the fine lines of the minute scaling are then engraved into these ceramic bezel rings and polished. The alloy is heated and pressed into the cavities in the ceramic material after which any excess Liquidmetal? is removed.

The Liquidmetal? can be manipulated at a lower temperature than metals normally used in watch so the heating process does not damage the ceramic material. The Liquidmetal? numbers and scales are then satin brushed. Because the Replica Omega 1591.71 Constellation Watch ceramic is a harder material than the alloy, the satin brushing of the fine details can be done without affecting the ceramic bezel. The numbers and scaling then appear in bold, vivid contrast to the glossy ceramic background.

By Stephen RegenoldWhile researching a story last year on internationaltravelers, I interviewed Ed Mapes of McKinney, Texas, the owner of an offshoresailing school who leads oceangoing expeditions hundreds of miles into theblue. His Replica Omega 1512.40 Constellation Watch company, Voyager Ocean Passages, has stocked its 46-foot craft with asatellite phone, a lightning static dissipater, a tant, and other survivalimplements to stay self-sufficient on the big void out from shore. But what most caught my attention was Mapes first-aidkit.


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Can you guess what all that put together makes? Yup, a genuine NASA Apollo-caliber space suit.Also included are the guarantee, instructions, replica IWC IW323401 watch original certificate, and book detailing the missions represented in the set.You also get a jewelers loupe and a display caliber 1861 movement.Again, this set was released in 1997, the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster Professional.And, to up the anti, only 40 sets were released.The one we have found for you is #34, and hasn't seen the light of day since originally purchased over ten years ago.We can't say enough about the value or rarity of this set, I mean after all you are getting 23 limited edition Speedmaster Professionals in a genuine space case.

Now Breguet is joining the act in producing a Type XX flyback replica IWC 3714-04 Men's Watch chronograph in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Aeronavale (French Naval Aviation) as well as the 50th anniversary of the first Type XX watches being delivered to the Aeronavale.In addition, 2010 also happens to mark the 60th anniversary of the Breguet Type XX winning the official approval of the French military.The limited edition Type XX Aeronavale 3803ST comes in a numbered series of 1,000 and has an automatic movement with the signature flyback feature of Type XX watches.This steel watch has a rotating bezel and is 39mm in diameter with 100 meters of water resistance.

ou all know what this set is, and you know how much it will be worth someday.This set, in 100% original, absolutely mint condition is one of the most impressive items we have come across in Hodinkee's short but awesome life.How much is it worth today? Well, the seller is asking $125,000 but also accepting offers via eBay auction.We hate to say it at the risk of alienating some of our readers.but that is a steal.This very same set, replica IWC 3255-05 watch (the one produced directly before this one) sold just last year at an Antiquorum auction for 368,900 CHF, which is roughly $313,000 today.Think about that.