How We're Not Getting Exploited [Gamasutra via Game Politics]Japanese developer System Soft Alpha

we make on Steam, to the home that I pay for with the royalties we make on Steam. "Opinion: Tripwire, Steam, And How We're Not Getting Exploited [Gamasutra via Game Politics]Japanese developer System Soft Alpha held an event for replica Omega 1112.30 watch upcoming Moe Moe Niji Taisen sequel Jin from website My Game News Flash had a very important question: Where did the nipples go? I have nipples You have nipples Even Jin, too, has nipples This character does not have nipples

Why?"I'm sorry to say," said the game's producer Ayako Nishimura, "but on the home console version, the nipples were completely retouched. " So those nipples below? Poof, gone, bye bye!Nishimura talked about the "check" from various platform holders to see if content was suitable "The DS and PlayStation check were very replica Omega 4500.50 watch strict," she says "We had to change things over and over again and have the game re checked. " For example, she continues, a scene where the character was for no real reason in short school athletic shorts was nixed "But Microsoft", she continues, "was relatively lenient.

The game features a bevy of girls with large breasts eyes who personify various military vehicles (tanks, planes) Since the game is attempting to be AN INCREDIBLY ACCURATE portrayal of World War II, it features characters from the various warring factions like America, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and Germany All this is in the replica Omega 951358.75 watch name of accuracy — truly bizarre accuracy!The game originally debuted on the PC back in December 2007 and seems to be trying to capitalize on the success of military sci fi franchise Strike Witches So we're not sure exactly how original this really is. Siliconera reports that Tales of Graces pre order customers score Tales of Vesperia downloadable content in the form of three fashionable costumes.

Do you know the saying 'there's nothing better than a good king and nothing

Do you know the saying 'there's nothing better than a good king and nothing worse than a bad one'? I think it applies here, and Steam has clearly been a good king so far. "So, really, Pitchford — what's got you on edge? Is replica Omega 951158.79 watch your Borderlands promotional slot not high enough on Steam's marquee queue?Game devs speak out on Valve, Steam and conflict of interest [Ars Technica]Ostensibly the kind of small games studio that Valve exploits, according to the Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's controversial remarks last week, Tripwire Interactive told Gamasutra that it wouldn't exist without Valve's muscular presence in the PC sector

Unlike "terrible" proposals that the Tripwire president John Gibson received in shopping Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41 45 to publishers, Valve's offer was so straightforward it surprised even Tripwire's lawyer "Valve's contract was the replica Omega 1528.46 watch first one we had seen that didn't have any land mines in it," Gibson said, referring to fine print that can come back to bite an unsuspecting studio later. Gibson offered his defense of Valve following comments by Pitchford that Valve's interest in both developing video games and distributing them via Steam constituted a conflict of interest

While Gibson acknowledges such appearances, he described Valve's position as more that "Our game is good, and so is yours, so let's both make some money together. "I can say with certainty that if it weren't for Steam, there would be no Tripwire Interactive right now," Gibson said "Ask the Tripwire Interactive employees if they replica Omega 1566.76 watch feel exploited, as they move into their new offices paid for by the money the company has made on Steam Or me, as I drive away from the company that was built from the royalties we made on Steam, in my sports car paid for by the royalties

the shifting spectrum of play styles that change the appearance of Mickey throughout

Everybody gets to save the world and gets the girl," Warren Spector tells us, in regards to the shifting spectrum of play styles that change the appearance of Mickey throughout the game "But how you do it, and how you end up replica Omega 4581.31 watch looking is up to you What abilities you have is up to you Who likes you is up to you What missions you hear about or not is up to you. " Each version of Mickey has a distinct look crafted by the character artists at Mickey, from the crouching and feral scrapper to the stalwart hero.

Each of the Mickeys and all of their movements, though, are drawn directly from classic Mickey inspiration Get a look at the render videos in Game Informer's piece and see if you can recognize motions from old school Mickey replica Omega 3153.80 watch Mouse cartoons, like The Brave Little Taylor. Inside the Game: Epic Mickey [Game Informer]Here's what you missed if you didn't catch The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XX special: Dolph as Venom, Kearney as Heath Ledger's Joker and Jimbo in the guise of Master Chief With sneakers.

We've heard one developer say they didn't feel exploited by Valve, despite Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's assertion that that's exactly what Steam does Today, Ars Technica lets us hear from a few more. Indie devs 2D Boy, Dylan replica Omega 2535.80 watch Fitterer, Amanita Design and small but not indie dev Telltale Games all lent their voices to the "Valve's not so bad/Steam is awesome" tune when Ars asked if anybody was feeling exploited For some developers, Steam is actually quite the opposite of exploitation:Ron Carmel, 2D Boy". Valve offers the most developer friendly terms for digital distribution in the industry

Has the replica Omega 4370.16 watch blue ocean started to bleed red?

Last month, Wii sales in the U. S dropped 33 percent — conversely, Sony saw PS3 sales double. With the strong yen, Morgan Stanley analysts are raising their Nintendo currency related losses to 37 billion yen from 23 billion yen. Has the replica Omega 4370.16 watch blue ocean started to bleed red?Nintendo May Forecast First Profit Drop in Six Years (Update2) [Bloomberg]On October 29, Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox 360 Elite bundle in Japan

Packaged with Lost Planet Colonies and Ace Combat 6, this "value pack" is priced at ¥29,800 (US$330). Trust me, that's a much better value when the US dollar isn't in the toilet. Game Informer's keeping a steady stream of Epic replica Omega 2677.30.37 watch Mickey articles coming between its November 2009 reveal issue and its online supplements This article takes a look at character design and art.

We've already been told that this Wii exclusive game will be all about Mickey painting in parts of his environment to get through levels (a la Okami, perhaps) But something I hadn't heard until today was that how you problem solve your way through the replica Omega 1203.30 watch game directly affects how your Mickey looks "How you decide to play the game should make a difference You get to determine what kind of hero you are Everybody solves the problem Everybody saves the day